℅ Productions provides a scientifically informed and humanistic perspective for medical information. The production style is participatory, drawing on the expertise and vision of the client/sponsor as well as the background of the filmmaker.

Caroline Offit has produced, directed, and edited a number of short documentaries. Drawing on a year of postgraduate medical education, and expected M.Sc. in Narrative Medicine, she is able to integrate scientific content in a narrative/educational context.

She has conducted hundreds of interviews with patients, advocates, scientists, providers and thought leaders in medicine and the humanities. Her work appears on websites & social media channels of medical centers and non-profits, patient education materials (informed consent or decision making aids), broadcast (PSAs and ad campaigns), as well as documentary films.


  • Project management: document/protocol review, research, question & answer prep, pre-interviews and subject prep
  • Pre-production: scheduling, location scouting, line producing
  • Production: direction/semi-structured interviewing, videography/lighting/sound recording (with crew), BTS stills/social coverage
  • Post-production: editing (Pr/CS6), animation (Ai/Ae), color correction, sound mixing (ProTools)